Friday, June 10, 2011

My typical day...

I have been so busy that sometimes I don't even have time to think.

Today was the first day since before memorial day that I actually had some down time. Although I have a million things to do, I felt like I had a little breathing room, so after I cleaned the whole house - I took a nap. It felt so good! So I thought it would be fun to list what I do in a typical day. And if anyone is reading this in blog world, I would love for you to leave me a comment of your day or a link to a post about your day. I always find it so interesting! In addition to this during the week I also work on the weekends.

8:30 - Wake up - me time, check email and etsy, make coffee and drink 1st cup all by myself!

9:00 - I wake up Lily - actually i let the cat in her room and he meow's so much she wakes up - he sure loves her!

9:30 - Feed the kiddo breakfast or "socky" (snack) as she has been calling it. Start laundry.

10:00 - Pick out her clothes so she can try to dress herself, she's very independant - then i dress her - lol.

10:30 - I do all the dishes, clean the kitchen, use my shark vac then steam to do the floors - daily - yes I am that person. Lily helps the whole time, right behind me wiping things with a clean rag. I usually make the bed and switch around the laundry at this time too.

11:00 - I pick up the livingroom, and then plan lunch and dinner.
(Tuesday and Thrusday we leave the house at 11:15 - head off to Grammy's house to drop off Lily while I go to the tech school to biology and then math.)

11:30 - Lily eats lunch and then heads off to nap time by noon.

12pm - Study time!!! I sit down at the table and study everyday during naptime. I am determined to stay a straight A student and this is what it takes.

2:00 - I watch the closer - I seriously love this show! as i check orders, swaps, and sew.
(Monday and Wednesday we leave at 2:15 to take Lily to Grammy's and me to school.)

3:00 - Lily wakes up and has a snack. Now that the weather is nice we go outside to play or go to the "ocean" which is just down the road. It's a bay, but since her dvd talks about the ocean, we just keep it the same.

5:30 - Make dinner and try to do the dishes as I go, laundry if there is more, and other misc things. Lily helps me cook by beating a spoon on her pan.
(this is when we get home from school - monday -thursday)

6:00 - dinner time! Just me and Lily. Hubby is still at work.

6:30 - Sewing or studying, while Lily plays all around me.

7:30 - Play time on the livingroom floor. Hubby sometimes gets home at this time and we all play together.

8:30 -Pick up toys, Tub time and she pretends to pee in her potty.

9:00 - She is in bed. Hubby usually is making dinner or eating it. I get down the swapping online. I have not bought one item of her clothing in the last 10 months!!!!! Thank you! Then I study if I have a test the next day, finish my homework (math leaves me 50-100 problems each night). I usually watch NCIS, law and order, Bones, or whatever is on tnt or whatever channel 58 is - lol.

I usually head to bed at about 1 or 2. Any earlier and I lay there trying to sleep, which is super annoying to me. (it's 12:47 am right now...)

So that's my day.

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