Tuesday, June 21, 2011

30 Day Shred starts tomorrow!!!!

Tomorrow is the first day of my new diet, 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels. This dvd is seriously amazing. If you havn't tried it already - you have to give it a shot!!!

Last summer I lost 32 pounds in one month. Then i quit my job and gained 10 pounds. Then the holidays came a that good old yummy pumpkin pie packed on another 5-10 pounds. Then I broke my foot and was laid up for 3 weeks on the couch with my foot in the air, and another 6 weeks with a big boot cast on that kept my mobility limited.

So as my 30th birthday approaches (i am 99% sure I will turn 30 and not stay another year at 29...) I can't help but dream back to that cute little number on the scale the day I learned I was pregnant. I want that cute little number back. My current number is a dark, icky number. So my 30th birthday present to myself will be that cute little number back.

To start it off I ordered something I have been eyeing for ages now. I can't wait for it to arrive. I bought it from this cute little etsy shp - Artaffect , here is the listing - everyday-pencil-skirt-heather-gray



  1. Keep us posted on your progress! Needless to say, I'm no where close to 30 years old anymore, but I surely could use to lose some of the extra weight I have gained over the years. I just seem to be stuck no matter what I eat!!

  2. Good luck! I have been trying to lose the last 15 pounds of my baby weight and I am finally seeing progress! I am doing The Firm. My goal is to loose 1 inch around my belly a week. A total of 4 in one month. So far so good!

  3. Good luck! :)

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  4. good luck on the 30 day shred. i too am trying to shed a few pounds. that skirt is to cute! i went to her shop & now i want like 10 things she makes...lol