Friday, April 22, 2011

Look what I made today!

Ok, so there are a million other things I was supposed to do today. Like getting dressed - lol, laundry, floors, studying, or sewing, but this was way more fun. I have made one diaper cake in the past just to see if I could - and it really is easy. I didn't have to buy diapers since I have like 7 cases left in the closet- Target had a really great deal a couple months back and I bought ALOT!

I just took some diapers, ribbon, lace scraps, and some head bands i bought but never intended on using. They were a 3 pack of head bands and I really only wanted on of them for easter - it's very cute, it looks like a rose.

I went into the closet and pulled some baby stuff and some gift bags from my baby shower to use as props. What you can't see if the the yard and the porch look sooo bad. lol. Hubby got some wood and has been chopping like a mad man and trying to get it all cleaned up before I have a fit about it taking over the yard. In the mean time he has tracked all his dirt, mud, and wood chips up onto the porch and I havn't cleaned it off yet. But i washed the table and a chunk of the railing. My camera is a simple kodak point and shoot. While I am not usually thrilled with the pictures inside, it takes wonderful pictures in natural light.

Oh ya, and my silverware is amazing. I am just as much in love with it today as when I opened it the day after our wedding - 4 1/2 years ago!

And where was my child during all this creativity? Well she was pushing her Elmo doll around in HER new First years umbrella stroller that came in the mail yesterday. And trying to coax the cats into it so she can push them around too. Poor thing is sick so we are not going out on the sunny, but cold day.

Here they are. I added these listings to my Etsy shop today.

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